Our Philosophy

FABPREFAB are redefining the place of prefabricated and modular homes in Australia and showcasing it as a better, more sustainable form of building.

Our dwellings are a functional, design-led alternative to conventional on-site construction. One that champions a low environmental and carbon footprint, higher efficiency, and waste minimisation.

As a business, we embody the values we promote. We strive to use locally sourced and Australian-made products and support local manufacturers, industries, and Australian jobs. This is displayed at our facility where front of house and head office is built with environmentally friendly, Australian cross-laminated timber.

Our houses are well-suited to a variety of settings, whether coastal, urban, metropolitan, or regional, with off-grid solutions available. our high-quality designs also offer premium fabricated options to rural or remote areas, which otherwise may not be available given limited resources.

FABPREFAB are helping Australians discover the many benefits of prefab dwellings with smart, refined products made to be enjoyed for years to come.

Our Team

FABPREFAB is led by managing director Ed Callanan and founder and director Tony Olding.

Ed has worked in the building industry for 15 years. He is a licensed builder and carpenter who has run his own business for eight years.

Ed is committed to the ongoing pursuit of innovative and advanced building solutions as the industry evolves while maintaining the highest level of productivity. He knows communication is key to a successful and stress-free outcome for every project, as is working alongside people who share FABPREFAB’s high standards of quality and accuracy.

Tony is a licensed builder, developer, and business owner with over 35 years of experience in the residential, retirement living and commercial building sectors. He wants to help drive the shift towards prefab homes in Australia and believes trust, integrity, and exceptional service are the basis of strong client relationships.

Together, Ed and Tony have 50 years of experience across the residential and commercial construction sectors and have been involved in award-winning projects through their own businesses and FABPREFAB.

Our Collaborators