A Sustainable Home on Wheels Redefining Modern Living  

Roam by FABPREFAB is an innovative prefabricated home that merges mobility and sustainable design, offering the perfect solution for modern nomads and nature enthusiasts. By cleverly integrating eco-conscious materials, off-grid technologies, and a design that prioritises comfort and style, Roam stands as a shining testament to how innovation can harmonise with the environment. This prefabricated home on wheels is the embodiment of a new era of responsible living—one that embraces sustainable living and celebrates the freedom of movement.

One of the most distinctive features of Roam is its mobility. Built on a three axle trailer, eliminates the necessity for a Development Application (DA), a requirement often associated with traditional construction processes. This mobility provides homeowners with a newfound freedom to change their surroundings at will, simplifying the notion of relocation and offering an antidote to Australia’s housing affordability challenge.


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Sustainable design

Internally, Roam adopts an intelligent design that prioritises space optimisation. Despite its compact size, the home manages to exude a cozy and inviting atmosphere without compromising on functionality. Large bay windows invite ample natural light and frame stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. The sustainable ethos of Roam is evident in its exterior, featuring a recycled cladding that not only enhances its rustic charm but also allows the home to blend seamlessly with varied landscapes.

Additional outdoor features, include a deployable deck and an outdoor shower, which elevates the experience of living closer to nature. A built-in BBQ, cleverly integrated into the structure of the home, ensures maximum utilisation of outdoor space, creating an environment conducive to relaxation and leisurely gatherings.

Roam by FABPREFAB is more than just a tiny home; it presents a solution to Australia’s pressing housing shortage. This prefabricated dwelling embodies the future of housing—being mobile, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Seamlessly fusing functionality with aesthetics, Roam emerges as the prime choice for those seeking an off-grid lifestyle.


High-quality materials and construction

  • Exterior

    Custom Built Galvanised Triple Axle Trailer

    Weathertex Weathergroove Smooth 75mm Sheet

    Timber (upgrade option)

    Colorbond (upgrade option)

  • Internal Walls and Windows

    A Grade Plywood

    Double Glazed Fixed Windows

    Solidcore Operable Casement Vents

  • Lighting and Features

    Mini Glo Ball Wall Lights

    LED Strip Lighting

    VELUX Skylight FCM

  • Bathroom

    Caroma Luna Cleanflush Toilet

    Caroma Artistian Counter Basin White

    Parisi Curved Wall Shower Arm and Shower Head

  • Kitchen

    Fisher & Paykel Induction Cooktop

    Fisher & Paykel Integrated Insert Rangehood

    Westinghouse Bar Fridge


Roam Floor Plan