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How do you transport the completed modules and what size are they?

The modules within the Minima range are typically 3.5m-wide by
7m-long, which makes delivery into metropolitan areas easier. They
are generally craned off the truck and placed in the final site
position, though in some cases, we can lift them off with a
truck-mounted crane.

The Courtyard House modules are 4.5m-wide by 11.9m-long. These can
still be installed in suburban areas with adequate access, and
additional escort vehicles are required. These are craned off the
truck into position on-site. We can offer logistics advice to
determine what is possible and the best access route.

Is a crane required?

Yes, we install all of our modules with a crane. This cost is
included in our delivery fees.

What are the access requirements?

Access will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and will be
considered in the site feasibility report.

How much does transport cost?

Transport costs are determined on a case-by-case basis, as they
depend on your site, access and so on. We can provide a more
accurate estimate of these costs during our initial consultation.

Minima in action at our factory

Site work

Do FABPREFAB do site preparation and excavation?

Yes, we can arrange any site levelling, excavation and service
installation that’s required.

What foundations do you use?

In most cases, we aim to install a stop digging screw pier, in order
to minimise site and environmental impacts. This avoids the need for
concrete installation to the ground.

We will arrange an inspection of the site with a geotechnical
engineer, in order to understand what is beneath the ground (i.e.
rocks, silts and clays.) They will provide us with a report and give
us the information required to make an informed assessment of what
structural support is required.

Do we need to arrange services to a Courtyard House or Minima?

You can arrange site services and connections independently of us if
that is your preference. Alternatively, FABPREFAB is happy to carry
out these works for you too.

What bushfire ratings do your homes achieve? Is it possible to increase the rating if required?

The Minima was originally designed for metropolitan areas and for
that reason has no Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating. However, with
increasing interest from those in rural and regional areas, options
to upgrade to a higher BAL rating are available.

To enable this, a BAL report will be required to determine the site
requirements. FABPREFAB can assist with this process on request.
Often, a BAL upgrade can be as simple as a cladding change, with
some other minor tweaks.

Courtyard House has been designed to BAL29 standard, which offers
substantial protection. However, a further upgrade can be offered
and assessed on request through FABPREFAB.

Who can we speak to for further technical advice?

Please send an enquiry to and our team will
endeavour to provide you with any additional information you may
Enquire here