Courtyard house
Courtyard house
Courtyard house
Courtyard house
Courtyard house

Courtyard House

Designed byCHROFI Architects

Stylish, functional, and thoughtfully designed, FABPREFAB’s Courtyard House is a unique and modern take on the traditional Australian rural home.

Designed by respected Sydney-based architectural practice CHROFI, Courtyard House is a prefabricated, sustainable, and off-grid dwelling.

At 127m² in size, it’s a highly liveable house that features a generous kitchen, living and dining area, two bedrooms, and a flexible third room (which can be used as a bedroom, study or sitting room), and an enclosed deck.

Surrounded by decks and sheltered courtyards, Courtyard House has a clever open-plan design and a spacious feel. Central to this is a seamless flow connecting its indoor and outdoor spaces, an abundance of natural light throughout the home, and several integrated utility spaces, which make it bright, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing.

Well suited to rural and regional environments, Courtyard House is ideal for those seeking a refined, architect-designed, total prefabricated solution that marries mindful design, a conscientious building philosophy and a fuss-free construction experience.


Award-winning design

2020 HOUSES Awards: Commendation, New House Under 200m2 & Commendation for Sustainability (Awarded to FABPREFAB & CHROFI)

Master Builders Association, 2020 Excellence in Construction Awards: Winner: Award for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (Awarded to FABPREFAB)

2021 NSW Architecture Awards: Shortlisted, Residential Architecture – Houses (New) (CHROFI)

2021 NSW Architecture Awards: Commendation for Sustainability (Awarded to CHROFI)

Exemplary design is at the heart of FABPREFAB’s mission. To fulfil this, we partner with leading architects who share our passion for beautiful, well-crafted, and sustainable prefabricated and modular dwellings.

Courtyard House was designed in collaboration with CHROFI, an award-winning Sydney-based architectural practice with an impressive portfolio of international residential, public, and commercial projects.

CHROFI’s approach is highly bespoke. In the case of Courtyard House, they sought to design a unique prefabricated dwelling underpinned by progressive values. The result is aesthetically striking, sustainable and functional. Captured in flexible living areas, indoor to outdoor connections and a design that encourages a more engaged relationship to the land.

Courtyard House was awarded Commendations at the 2020 House Awards in the ‘Sustainability’ and ‘New House Under 200 m2’ categories, won the ‘Energy Efficiency’ category at the 2020 Master Builders Association Awards, and was shortlisted in the ‘Top nine best prefabs of 2020’ at the 2020 Dwell Awards 2020.

Sustainably at its core

Courtyard House is a compact dwelling that supports low impact living in a variety of settings.

Courtyard House is built with high-quality, environmentally friendly materials with ethically sourced Australian timber as its hero material.
This includes the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as the mass timber structural element, and hardwood timber products, for elements such as external facades, external doors and windows and screening.

Passive design strategies have also been implemented throughout to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. The courtyard and outdoor room mediate the Australian environment to provide ventilation and shade while extending the time that outdoor living can be enjoyed in comfort.
Slender awnings sit above windows to shade the summer sun while ventilation panels open out to capture the breeze.

Courtyard House is available in an off-grid version. A water tank captures rainwater for re-use, a roof-mounted solar PV system with battery storage provides electricity for the home, while a bio-septic treatment system, treats waste and irrigates the house’s surrounding gardens. It also has a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating of 29.