CHROFI + FABPREFAB site australian courtyard house in mungo brush

Article written by Kat Barandy at "Design Boom"

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Australian architecture studio CHROFI, together with FABPREFAB, completes its prefabricated, off-grid ‘courtyard house.’ the timber structure expresses a contemporary re-imagination of the traditional home found throughout rural australia, and is designed for FABPREFAB, a construction company with a focus on prefabrication and modular residential projects. the design team expands the typical veranda, which is transformed to become an outdoor courtyard. a sliding timber screen to the rear offers the dwelling a transformative element, providing an intimate courtyard which might open outward to the sweeping landscape.

CHROFI designs the ‘courtyard house’ for FABPREFAB as a flexible and transformative collection of living spaces.the project is organized with a layout that is unexpectedly wide and open for a building normally dictated by narrow proportions. the dynamic arrangement of these outward-facing spaces provides a strong connection to the shifting landscape. the prefabricated typology situates the project lightly atop the land without degrading the natural condition of the site with invasive construction.